Roots of a Tree

I’ll hold you up high,

Keep you strong in weak moments,

I will support you.

Your leaves will rise up,

Show off your green to the world,

I’ll always be here.

As you grow taller,

I’ll spread further and further,

I shall grow wider.

And when you’re a tree,

And sunlight showers you,

I’ll still be your roots.

Because you help me,

I am happy to help you,

and we sustain each.




I look out of my window,

To witness the morning light,

I watch the cars come and go,

As the sky becomes less bright.


I remain seated and observe,

More vehicles join the street’s crowd.

they honk blatantly and swerve,

In an atmosphere intensely loud.


Neon signs and ad-boards,

fill the surrounding walls,

office-workers enter in hoards,

and shopaholics into malls.


Here people are always in a hurry,

there are always places to go,

But I have nothing to worry,

I’m simply a spectator from a window.