My name is Urvashi Balasubramaniam, welcome to my poetry blog!

I live in Gurgaon, India. I’ve published a book this year (at the age of 11), so check out bit.ly/littleglow . I usually take random topics from my friends and family – like washing machines and popcorn, and sometimes I stick to my own ideas – like Little Glow and Save Earth. Whatever it is, it’s 100% originally written!

I attend the Shri Ram School Aravali. I play the piano, play basketball, write on this blog and code in processingJS, HTML, CSS and SQL in my free time.

I enjoy writing stories and poems, which you’ll find on this blog! Hope you enjoy scrolling through it! I’m currently 13 years old, and my birthday is on 16th December.

PS. You can contact me anytime @ write.urvashi@gmail.com

Urvashi ❤