On Realistic Futures

There is no realistic future. We have no idea what is realistic when it’s all in our heads. Seize control of the present and forge your own path. It’s all in your hands.

Humane Figures

Poet’s Note:
Here’s to the struggling and to the ones who have struggled. As for the ones who will reach this struggle soon, I hope this poem makes you think differently.
Humane figures
How many tears must fall
from hopeless children’s faces
begging, praying to the universe
through muffled cries and rumbling stomachs
that their faces looked different
that their bodies were contorted better
to fit rigid moulds of shallow, wounding ‘beauty’?

How many lives must be claimed
in pursuit of an impossible, ever-changing ideal
through a path that cannot be walked
for lack of true destination
through thorns of hunger, suffering and misery
that leave lasting scars on already bruised bodies?

How many minds must abuse themselves,
locked in prisons and starved of self-worth
and told that it is better to not breathe and look ‘perfect’,
paint facades over real expressions,
and hide away their pleasure if it cannot look pleasing
than live the life of an authentic human being?

How many decades must pass and civilisations must fall
before we treat our bodies as what they are
and not as what they could be;
love them for what they can do,
and not destroy them for what they cannot;
live contently and as a work in progress,
and above all be grateful for living?


Capturing Forever

There are some things you cannot capture forever. The laugh of someone you love, the awe of watching of a simple sunset, the rushing sensation of waves lapping against your feet.

Even our memories do not hold on to sensations forever. Every time you remember something, there are changes and gaps. There is always a little void that could have held a beautiful moment that you once considered regular. Our memories often become more valuable as they drift away from the present, but that is true for a lot of things.

Our cameras can have incredibly high definition and clarity, but the problem with pictures is that they capture not the moment, but the instant. Even in videos, we cannot relive a memory that we have forgotten without considering it foreign and separate from ourselves.

So the only real way to capture a memory forever is to not capture it at all. The whole point of capturing a memory is to relive it, and to relive a memory is to abandon creating a new one in the present. Instead, we can choose to experience the present in all its joy, in all its pain, in all its beauty and in all its foulness. Because the glory of the present is not that it is perfect, but that it is real.

If you can only experience a moment once in all its glory, then you must choose to experience all its glory all at once.

Truths of Time

Time is not your enemy.
You are. Your assumed immortality,
your blatant neglect of the world around you
and your ignorance of the wonders that pass you –

Time has never marched.
But you have. And your soul – now parched,
longing for something far from your hold,
forgetting that soon you’ll be still and cold –

Time is not unjust.
You are. Your blindness and mistrust
towards the truth of mortality,
your broken assumptions and mentality –

Time is not beyond control.
It is yours to seize. Yours in whole.
But promised only is this minute,
and if you can fit a universe within it –
Time is yours.

Suit & Tie

I watch them go to work every day
They always know what to do and say
“It’s a stable job and it’s got good pay”
Their heart hurts, but they go anyway

They hate their bosses, they hate their jobs
And yet they flee to work in mobs
Another day, another dollar
Their voice is choked beneath smoothened collars

Somewhere they’re convinced that they’re tired and duller
Though deep within their souls, they’re bursting with colour
Inside there’s an artist waiting to break free
Somewhere deep inside you & me.

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The Easy Choice

Author’s note: I know that I haven’t written in a while, so here’s a poem entitled The Easy Choice about how we are often confronted with decisions where the easy option isn’t the right one and how human nature often dictates that we run away from our troubles and in the face of adversity. I hope you enjoy it and take back something from my poem.

I walked the path of journeys old

Memories, of grime and gold

And wondered, nostalgic, what the cause

to leave what I loved doing truly was

What made me take the other route?

Who crushed my dream with fear and doubt?

Why did I choose to leave my load?

When I had reached but a mere crossroad?


Was my will so weak that I could not see

beyond the obstacles and adversity?

Was I so blinded by that I impetuously fled

so solely consumed by angst and dread

so unable to see what I could encounter ahead

that I forgot the reason why I tread

the road of what could have been?

Only because I lacked a win?


And now I wistfully reminisce

in seemingly utter comfort and bliss

Yet in my heart I feel untrue

to joy and passion for what I do

So if I again I am confronted

If all my hope is weak and blunted

In toil and work I shall immerse

And emerge victorious from the greatly adverse.


A Prayer of Pride

One day I pondered, prayed and asked,

Would you be proud if I had fame?

If even in places obscure and vast,

people knew and praised my name?

Would you be thrilled of my success?

If whatever I did, I was the best?

Unsurpassed, and nothing less,

If I wore victory like a crest?

Would you be pleased to see me rise?

And conquer every challenge faced?

Win each and every single prize,

every time I run a race?

God replied, “Sure, perhaps I would,

but maybe a little more if you paused your run,

took time out to do a little good,

and chose to have a little fun.”