Outer Beauty

Author’s note – This poem addresses feminism, insecurity, beauty standards and superficial media. Read this with an open mind, and learn what women of this age and before constantly go through.

I’m female, and beautiful as I am,
No need for makeup, sparkle and glam,
Yet you say this and then into my hands you shove,
Cosmetics and makeup that I’m supposed to ‘love‘.

I’m a female, and you tell me to be natural,
You say it as a thought so radical,
‘Be yourself, don’t change’, these are your words,
Yet I have to conform to your beauty standards.

What happened to respecting what lay inside?
Sure we say it, but by your words do you abide?
Don’t you judge those people based on what they wear?
Don’t you hurl insults about people if they’re not young and fair?

Why can’t you see past that first impression?
It’s hard, I’ll admit. This is my confession,
It’s hard to remove from our judgment these norms,
It’s hard to see beauty come in so many forms.

But it’s there, whatever the media says,
Those face creams may make you feel better in ways,
But you must know, that’s what they want you to believe,
They sell products through the insecurity they weave.

Are you dark-skinned? Fat? Wrinkly everywhere?
Is your dream to be like that model – so gorgeous and fair?
Beauty can’t come in one size, we’re all unique,
So give up joining that fake high school ‘beauty‘ clique.

Give up that insecurity, begin with your mindset,
Give up the judgement, and you’ll be set.
Give up that fake kind of insecure beauty,
Give up all this and the difference you’ll see.

Don’t let people make you feel odd and misplaced,
We’re all working our way to this standard in haste,
Just pause, think about all your good features,
Good qualities only lie the the best and beautiful creatures.

Compare that look to your kindness,
To your dreams and your happiness,
No cream can make you beautiful internally,
There is no secret, superficially.

I’m female, and exposed to pretty girls,
Princesses, ball gowns and dress twirls.
But forget this female training, this system is old,
Forget all that outdated stuff, this advice is gold.

Yes, you’re a woman, a girl – a female.
But my inner beauty you can’t find in shops, on sale,
It comes from within, not bought off a shelf.
That confidence, respect and love is enough for yourself.


If You Want to Be a Star

If you want to be a star

Trust me – the sky’s not far

Don’t wait too long for night

For the star that shines most bright

Is the Sun, free of fright.


Author’s note:- Pursue your dreams without waiting too long for the ‘right time’. The stars are invisible to us in the day, except the largest star we know of, the Sun. It is glorious, it is powerful, it is wonderful. Learn from the sky, for it will teach you lessons in thought.

Father, Appa, Parent, Dad.

Author’s note: This poem is dedicated to my father, A Balasubramaniam, who is the most awesome person in the entire world (after me) and to my mother, Uma, who’ll get a poem on her birthday too 😛

Father, appa, parent, dad,

You cheer me up when I am sad,

You hug me tight when my eyes water,

and I’m so glad to be your daughter.

You’re a mentor, a marvellous teacher,

Of wise words, you are a preacher.

I am the great person I am today,

because you make me one every day.



Your humour can light up the entire city,

your puns make me groan (but they are quite witty),

you wake up early for me, no matter your mood,

And I want to express my boundless gratitude.

You are my habit-setter, my creative battery,

You charge me up to use my skills so creatively.

You constantly inspire me and show me articles and things,

And along with that, a sense of curiosity it brings.

I’ll keep exploring this crazy world, with you by my side,

Observing, talking and laughing with me, for you are my life’s guide.


I know you’ll be the first person to like my post,

And I just want you to know that I love you the most.



Nature Beckons

Author’s note: I was once asked why I write so much about nature, but how can I not? Almost all my inspiration is drawn from it. To quote Moana – “See the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me”

Turn off the lights,
Put down your phone,
Stop all the fights,
Get out of that zone.

Run away to the park,
Or to the sandy beach,
When it’s pitch dark,
You’ll see when you reach,

The specks of thousands,
Of stars that glitter,
The trees that enclose you,
When you feel bitter,

The grass that tickles,
Your face and your hair,
The moonlight that shines,
With such hope and such care,

If at first you don’t see it,
I implore you to stare,
The stars will emerge,
And nature will be there,

Run your fingers through,
The streams that flow,
Splash about in that puddle,
Wherever you go,

Bite into that amazing fresh pick,
That really delicious fruit,
Hug the bark of a tree that’s thick,
Look at it’s textured root,

Enjoy the cold weather that seeps into your core,
Or even the moderate heat,
Hear the waves lap against the shore,
Watch nature’s tremendous feat,

Escape, towards the wondrous call,
And stay there in solitude,
It’s guaranteed, in love you’ll fall,
With joy and gratitude.



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White and black glistening keys,
The pianist plays with graceful ease,
Three gold pedals that sparkle and shine,
The tunes that release are ever so divine,
Hundreds of notes on the thousands of staves,
The music rises and falls like the laps of waves.
Harmony between the keys and fingers,
In my ears, the melody lingers.
Leaping, flying over the smooth ivory,
The rhythm seems to tell a story,
Softly at first, the musician plays,
Lightly treading in its stealthy ways,
Graceful, like a dancer’s sway,
The music’s remarkably pleasant in every way.

A Thought

Why is the desire for fame considered selfish and shallow? Fame gives you a voice, and a voice can bring about change. A voice that can help, make aware and fix all the problems our world faces?

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Author’s Note:- Sorry for neglecting this blog for a week or so, (I had exams at school) but I’ll be writing much more often! I took the inspiration for this poem from the contrast between the outdoor sports academy I go to, and the glorious sky I see above it. I hope you enjoy it!

I hear the sounds made by my feet,

As they crush the weak gravel along the street,

The dullness of old structures seeps right in,

I smell the stench of the garbage bin,

Buildings surround me, and the crowds rush past,

and so my eyes ascend to the sky so vast.


What beauty I then love and behold,

Fluffy clouds, silver-lined, and colours so bold,

Streaks of colour, so stunning, as birds soar by,

The sun is a splotch of paint on the canvas of the sky,

While absorbing the greatness of the giant, deep-blue dome,

I could not comprehend what lay above my home.


How could such a difference occur in a frame of sight?

How does the change happen – from dullness to might?

My sight perched gracefully onto the rocky road,

Nearing towards my welcoming abode,

I left behind the glory and wonders of the sky,

Promising myself to revisit it, I walked on with a sigh.