Have you ever read a book,

where you fell in love instantly,

With the plot, the story, and the world that exists,

In the pages that you see,

Characters and people you never knew,

Become your close friends,


Their world becomes yours,

Where time and reality bends,

You find the greatest adventures,

And you’ll be so glad once you’re done,

That you read a book so great,

Which brought you so much joy and fun.




The Kind, Mighty Being – a Haiku

Long necked beings I see,

With spots of brown protruding,

Slender, lean, graceful.


No tree is too tall,

Munching on greens so lofty,

It bends and rises.


It feasts alone,

Not bothered by too many,

In the tall grasses.


You would think that if,

It had so much height and power,

It would be quite nasty.


But against all odds,

It is so peaceful and kind,

Though it is mighty.


It’s fun and fast too,

As mighty as the lion,

And better in ways.


Never forgets to,

Respects its inferiors,

Learn from the giraffe.

Treats for an Owl

A hoot of an owl,

From a distance, heard,

Silently, the sky darkens,

and instills energy in this bird.

It licks its lip, and looks far,

With its truly sharp eyes,

Through the dark this creature,

Searches and pries.

Its prey is small,

Yet a delicious treat,

The frightened mouse,

tries to retreat.

But ah, alas,

How unfortunate!

This mouse must meet,

its dreadful fate.

As quiet (as a mouse),

It inches away,

The owl eyed it carefully,

And the mouse began to pray.

What on earth could it do?

How could he be saved?

Helpless, desperate,

Safety he craved.

The mouse then gasped loudly,

For another mouse he saw,

“Someone save him!”, he whispered,

It seemed closer to the owl’s jaw.

The owl’s eyes were fixed upon both,

Who would it choose?

The other mouse should’ve run,

As he knew that it would lose.

Why not? It was plump,

That mouse had fattened up,

Though it looked younger,

And whimpered like a pup.

He felt so much pity,

For himself and the other one,

He wished so bad for,

The bright, shining sun.

Then, he had an brilliant idea,

All he needed was a genius trick!

After explaining to the other through actions,

They both fell down and played sick.

The bird looked quite surprised,

That they had fallen at the same time,

It clawed uneasily at the wall it stood on,

Spilling dust and dirt and grime.

It, of course, chose the plump one,

And when about to enjoy its food,

He scampered behind the owl,

And started shouting things very rude.

It sure enough distracted it,

And then with its eyes so red,

It came to eat the shouting mouse,

Instead of eating the one that was ‘dead’.

The other mouse repeated the charade,

And this went on for a long while,

The owl was irritated and annoyed,

And by the end it had gone senile!

The owl was so dizzy it fell,

And the mice exclaimed with delight,

What a wonderful team they made,

It was a truly marvellous sight.

However small they were,

They outsmarted the big yet gullible,

and this sort of genius was by far,

the one they found most valuable.

Book Release!!

Hi guys! ❤

I’ve published a poetry book – titled The Little Glow!  Click here to buy it! You can select a seller of your choice, from Amazon and Flipkart to PayTM.  It is internationally available as well.

Written by Urvashi Balasubramaniam

Illustrated by Akila Seshayee


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Thanks so much guys!

Your blogger,

Urvashi ❤

The Red Beast

In a single, strong stride,

It covers miles in a ride,

In a wave of its wings,

(such glorious things),

The mighty creature glides,

And on its sides,

Are scales of deep red,

With fire it is fed,

With each deafening roar,

The ground shakes to the core,

The beast stands tall with pride,

Each bellow is amplified,

While listing the best,

You can leave out the rest,

All but one you cannot exclude.

One who roams in solitude,

Like it there is none,

The dragon is the one.

The Start of Dawn

In rippled waves of light,
Brightening the darkest hour,
The sun beams glided through window gaps,
Not once did it cower.

Playful yet strong,
A moment so serene,
Dancing on the white of the floor,
I embraced the peaceful scene.

Slowly appearing,
In ever corner of the room,
Cheerfully it glowed,
Illuminating the gloom.

Silently, it spread,
After the quiet night,
Starting the new dawn,
The mystical secret of light.

The Desert of Kalahari

Poet’s note:

This poem was written by me for a Geography Project. It’s really informative, and with my permission and credit, you may share it with your class too!


In the south of Africa,

lies this natural beauty,

in waves of red sand,

the desert of Kalahari.

The winters cool,

and the summer filled with heat,

Rainfall is not a regular,

guest they greet.

As soon as it’s dark, though,

it becomes quite chilled,

and again in the day the heat,

will build and build.

It gets really hot sometimes,

up to 43 degrees!

Humans and wildlife together hope,

That the extreme heat will cease.

This place is almost barren,

when it comes to trees,

For the absence of enough water,

eliminates the idea of a life of ease.

Some grasses and shrubs do grow here,

and trees like acacia and camelthorn,

cacti like Hoodia is also present,

but without rain the place is forlorn.

Although, some animals do survive,

when it is dry and hot,

as they adapt to their surroundings,

and make-do with what they’ve got.

The camel, for example,

Which at the speed of 10km can run,

often called ‘the ship of the desert,

and roams under the harsh, beating sun.

Or the addax, an antelope,

here’s its specialty,

It never drinks water, not a sip!

And near scrubby plants it’ll be.

The jerboa, desert fox, lizards,

scorpions and gazelles to name a few,

and the insects, donkeys and horses,

are some that live here too.

Did you know about,

The natives – the san,

Nomads who hunt and gather,

also called a bushman,

This truly is,

A fascinating place to see,

enriched with wildlife and culture,

The great Kalahari.


Happy New Year!!

Wishing everyone an awesome, fabulous and overall spectacular new year! Happy 2017 people!!!!!!

Especially to my followers – because you guys truly rock! 🙂

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Awaiting that moment,

That jovial cheer,

Hand in hand with family,

Marking the end of the year.

We wait, intently,

Like a tiger, ready to pounce,

To spring up at that instant,

“It’s a new year!”, We’ll announce.

Then it strikes twelve,

Midnight is here!

Oh what joy and delight,

For the spectacular new year!

Festivity and frolic,

Confetti galore,

Smiles appear on our faces,

And our hearts soar.

What a brilliant day,

What a wonderful time,

Hello 2017!

This year will be sublime.

Walking to School

I walk along a winding path,

As I walk to school I see,

A variety of tall trees,

that stroll beside me.


I hear nothing but the birds that chirp,

And the paws that tread on the sand,

And the breezy wind that tickles my face,

And the concealed creatures of the land.


I inhale the fresh, clean air,

And on each breathe I dwell,

Each flower’s aroma,

Is a delightful, drawing smell.


I feel the smooth, yet textured leaves,

Of plants of many kinds,

Some that stand up straight and tall,

And some that twist and wind.


I taste the fruit of ripened trees,

And savour every bite,

I eat it, while taking in the view,

Of every single sight.


My senses awake,

What joys it brings,

Walking to school through nature,

Love in such simple things.

My Glasses

An old poem I dug out of my shelf  🙂

I wrote it when I was about 5 or 6.


Everyone admires my glasses,

It seems to look so good,

I wonder how it’d look if,

I wore them on my hood!

But when I tried this action,

I drew a great big crowd,

I wonder how I’d look,

If I turned around!


This poem may not make as much sense as the others, but I still am publishing it because I think it’s sweet..and it’s mine…so..yeah.