The World’s Library

Humanity’s knowledge of the world in various subjects is vast and great. We’veĀ unveiled some of the universe’s greatest mysteries and added sense, logic and communication to our otherwise chaotic world. It isn’t surprising that we’ve built countless libraries over the years. Many know of the ancient libraries of Alexandria and the House of Wisdom. Many storage spaces of erudition have been built to shower the world with discoveries, stories and knowledge.

The majority of people lean towards learning. Don’t pretend you do not, because everyone has a passion for some kind of learning. Whether it is dance, science or sports, there is a sense of learning in everything we do. And as global citizens unravel methods and discoveries from various fields, our library grows larger and larger.

Our understanding, opinions and perception of knowledge may change over time. There may be disagreements and debates, but that will do nothing more than call out for more learners to settle the argument.

So what will be our next great library? The internet.

Almost limitless information, data and stories are stored on the internet. It is a community of teachers, learners, students, businesspeopleĀ and entrepreneurs. It is a platform for change, it is a voice and it is a library. A library of the world’s knowledge.

And it is unlikely that it will be wiped out easily.