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The Little Glow

The Little Glow – Urvashi’s collection of poetry! 🙂


Above the Clouds

Stand tall, confident,

Though don’t make people near feel,

Small and quite lonely.

Instead, bring them up,

Bring them up to where you stand,

Free from the dark clouds.

Plunging into the

wonders of the blue sky,

Elated and well.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I summarised the book I recently read, The Alchemist. If you’ve read it already, I hope you enjoy this poem. If not – SPOILER ALERT!

How could I describe such a beautiful tale?
Of a shepherd boy fulfilling his destiny?
A being who learnt the Langauge of the World,
After an encounter with royalty?

Venturing all the way to Africa,
In search of the Pyramid’s treasure,
Not hurried in any way,
Just following omens in leisure.

He worked in a crystal merchant’s shop,
Leaving it better than he found,
Then set off to the pyramids,
On the sandy, desert ground.

He found a great language,
With no words and no sound,
Becoming literate in a tongue,
So extravagantly profound.

He fell in love with a desert girl,
Fatima by name,
Then met the Englishman and the Alchemist,
With a falcon to catch game.

Heading on to the Pyramids,
And being beaten up by refugees,
But he finally learnt,
He finally sees.

You could say,
That it was deja vu,
But his journey was what,
Made him learned and true.