A Toy in a Shop

A note to my followers – sorry about the confusion of the half written post, I do hope you enjoy my latest poetry 🙂!

I remember long ago,

I was terribly lonely, though,

after you bought me off the shelf,

I soon became a happier self.

My journey began at a factory,

where I could never possibly be lonely,

as I saw multiple versions of me,

stocked as far as the eye could see.

But then I was shipped to another place,

a store selling toys and dresses with lace,

And even though the shop was great,

I felt that for me, it was far too late.

Unless I saw a girl or boy,

interested in me – a simple toy,

I would’ve stayed on that shelf till the end of time,

my companions being dirt, dust and grime.

And so I must show my gratitude,

and now, of course, to conclude,

I hope that once you’re done with me,

when I’m much too childish and slightly dusty,

Perhaps another child would benefit too,

If I gave him what I gave you,

Pass me along and I swear I will give,

As much happiness to that child – as long as I live.


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