Fandoms : Write Me a Poem

This poem is dedicated to Lily. If you’d like a personalised poem of your own, click here.

 Note to Lily: I couldn’t include The Twilight Saga since I haven’t read the series, but I used the rest of the topics. BTW for the other viewers – the topics used in this poem are Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.


I battled hundreds of monsters,

and sailed aboard the Argo II,

I attended the school of Hogwarts,

The adventures grew and grew.


Over the years I’ve travelled,

the trips to Camp-Half-Blood were many,

And been on field trips to other schools,

Especially ones like Ilvermony.


I volunteered as tribute,

and as the Victor of The Hunger Games,

I rebelled with Katniss Everdeen,

Instead of choosing money and fame.


I lived in New Rome,

After fighting as a legionnaire,

Now I live in the Wizarding World,

And teach Charms over there.


My pride leans toward Ravenclaw,

But Effie doesn’t think like me,

She thinks the magic world,

Is just ‘mahogany’.


I love living in my house,

To Honeydukes it’s near,

And it’s a walking distance to The 3 Broomsticks,

Whenever I want a swig of Butterbeer.


My gratitude is everlasting,

To the people who,

Gave me access to these wonderful worlds,

Where stories (and Potions) brew.



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